18 February 2011

What time is it now? oh..I dont have a watch..

As-salam >.< ~east~

Hey hey hey, wats up wats up!!!
This time, I wanna talk bout time.When we say time, its reminds us of a clock, watch or grandfathers clock or the BIG BEN the bell clock in London..oh wow..my imagination is flying away..ok, lets straight to the point..
Today's entry is about a watch, i mean..of coz not an ordinary watch. Hey, its Here, let me tell you blog..I bring you the awesome things to share..Here, TADAA!!!

OK, seems nothing interesting right? hey, i promise u right..ok, here's the magic..


This TIWE watch is an OLED watch. The magic that i told you is that the white dots roam around randomly. So, how can it be a watch? Well, when u want to know what time it is, you can simple shake shake your watch or hit/knock the glass surface lightly..The magic will coz the dots form the hands of the watch..isnt that just great! wow..really really wow!


Source TIWE watch


Red said...

best best! nak satu#! XD

east said...

sy pun stuju..best best! nak satu jgk!! =)

Mutalib attholib said...

yg ni pun menarik juga! unik.. huhu

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