24 May 2010

kecewa itu ''LAYAN""

salam >.< ~east~

tonite's entry, kecewa itu "LAYAN"...my blog is bi-launguage..both can do..bahasa pasar also can..hehe

some people said..dun sad.be strong.dun be emotional..jgn diikutkan kesedihan tu sgt..but, i wanna share something wif u all.. did u all know dat, kecewa teach us to be a matured person dan more open minded.

kekecewaan membuka pandangan dan fikiran kita agar kita tidak melakukan kesilapan yang sama pada masa akan datang. yes, can't be deny dat pada saat kecewa itu, sudah tentu kita sukar untuk terima sebarang kenyataan. tetapi, cuba anda kenang kembali apabila anda sudah pulih dari kekecewaan, ianya tidaklah seteruk mana. kita tengok dari sudut positif, tidaklah anda bersedih lagi...

yeah..so, if u can't handle it, just go with kecewa..if u try to be strong, but deep inside u r bleeding, it hurt da most..so, it is not wrong to kecewa,,doesnt mean dat u r a failure rite?..
jatuh sekali tidak bermakna untuk selamanya...

23 May 2010

new chapter of lifeownearth

salam >.< ~east~

a new life for me have begin..wat shall i say...well, yeah..i dunno wat to say in the sense of starting my new chapter of life on earth..anybody have comment bout it?..

my new chapter of lifeownearth just start..tik tok tik tok..time's clicking..

I hereby declare dat i just finished my degree in biotechnology in UNIMAS,Sarawak,Malaysia, Asia Tenggara,Asia, EARTH..smile...it have been 3 years..well, it is quite long but it seems not..

hey,,,,i only got to have slumber party dat last nite wif member..
hey,,,,i only got to stay back at member's dorm dat last few weeks..
hey,,,,i only got to enjoy playing PS2 wif member's dat last few weeks..
hey,,,,i only got da chance to see my frens's face while they sleep..
hey,,,i only got to know their sleeping habit dat last few week..
hey,,,i only got the chance to see them crying in public that last few days..

hey,,,,it surely cannot fit here the list that i had done at the last moment wif my frens..now u can see..it is short the 3 years study..all i can say here is just...enjoy ur study..yep, i know..there's an everest of assignment, wat-so-ever...hey, look..i managed to go through it..it have been 3 years of assignment, 1-4 hours of sleep, one meal per day, googling for asgmnt's info..oh yeah, dat 3 years of pain have passed..and not forgotten, 3 years of sweet memory wif frens...i just can't list it down..surely not fit...hahaha

all i wanna say is, for those dat still hold the title 'student' out there, enjoy ur study life..i know, that u all can't wait to finish it..like hell..well, u also know, hell is far far far away 'greater' than wat u r in now..so, enjoy ur life...take ur time to enjoy..dun ever said that u have no time..well, everyone r given 24hours, there are nobody got 25 hours, or 23 hours,,,everyone r fairly given 24 hours..so, make time..enjoy every second that u have...

ur next chapter of lifeownearth will then come after dat..dun worry..enjoy n make full of it, ur current life...
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